• Check out this article from the Mail Tribune, covering a project we are about to start at the new Cardiac Rehab Center, opening at Asante RRMC with Vitus Construction. This project will be completed by the end of summer and will require 7 Pacific Electrical employees full-time.
    New Cardiac Rehab Center Opens at Asante RRMC
    By Ryan Pfeil
    Mail Tribune

    Posted May. 6, 2015 at 3:51 PM



Novel in hand, Mary Hageman moves her legs back and forth with ease on a piece of exercise equipment, movement that’s meant to strengthen her heart after a quadruple bypass back in 2009.
“It’s helped. It’s kept me active,” Hageman says. “Most of the time I feel pretty good.”


Her routine — 45-minute sessions three days a week — is nothing new, but the space at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center where she exercises is a different story. The hospital debuted its new $2.1 million Cardiac Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center last week, more than doubling the previous center’s size. The upgrade also allowed for more exercise equipment, easier access and on-site intake rooms for new patients, Asante officials said.


A cardiopulmonary diagnostics unit, which conducts tests for conditions related to heart and lung function, also opened up across the hall in a separate 2,000-square-foot space. The project had been under construction at RRMC since December.


“We just have stepped it up a notch, professionally,” says Asante cardiac rehab supervisor Beth Coker. “We are thrilled to be in here.”


The center’s cardiac program offers education and exercise for patients who have had recent heart surgery or suffer from heart disease. Its pulmonary side offers similar services for patients with ongoing breathing problems, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or cystic fibrosis.


The new space, located at RRMC’s south side, is 1,600 square feet larger than the previous 900-square-foot location. It’s also on the ground floor, while the old center was three floors up at the hospital.


“(Now) I can park right out front and walk in,” says center patient Frank Gill, who attends sessions twice a week. “I’m feeling good. This is keeping me going. I look forward to coming here.”


Cardiac rehab officials say there were some safety concerns at the center’s old location. The layout made it difficult to physically see all rehab patients at the same time, for example. The relocated center offers a better vantage point, officials said.


Coker says the center sees about 40 patients a day on average, but is able to handle as many as 60.


The Asante Foundation is in the midst of a campaign to raise $1.5 million in donations to pay for the center, with the hospital paying for the rest. Andrea Reeder, on the Asante Foundation board of directors, says they have raised about $250,000 so far and hope to be halfway to their final goal by the end of June.
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